Altar of Wisdom – AutoPlay v3.3.0

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AutoPlay Random Step Sequencer [M4L Device]

Tired of having to draw rhythmic sequences by hand, or feeling they always “look the same” ? Don’t think more, as here comes AutoPlay, the randomly controlled step sequencer for infinite combinations of unexpected patterns !
Autoplay is a Max 4 Live MIDI device, that processes incoming (usually one long monophonic note) input, and automatically plays random sequences providing:

  • freezable random engine to retrigger the same random sequence again and again
  • configurable time allocation control from: 1/32 to 8 bars including dotted and triplet notes
  • minimum and maximum gate length per note
  • minimum and maximum velocity per note, scalable using input velocity
  • possibility of preventing down-beat note triggering (“sidechain”)
  • note probability (to insert some random silence and thus lower density)
  • transposition probability (to output randomly pitched note)
  • pitch transpose in octaves, uni or bidirectional up to 5 octaves in each direction
  • per note probability when transposing (starting from incoming note, range 1 to 12 get a chance between 0 and 100). Note chances can also be set up automatically to follow one scale among 65 with a simple menu !
  • triggering of 4 random modulations (mapped parameters) or 4 MIDI controls at each note, which a configurable attack and release for each of them


Product Files

 1 AutoPlay v3.3 installation file.
📂 Download 2,47 MB

System Requirements

To use the device you will need:

✔ Max 4 Live

(included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live version)

*Please Note: The Ableton Live Suite is not included.

Device Update History

Update 1.4:New workflow/UI improvements
Update 1.4.1: proper init values and mod names
Update 1.4.2: Migration to common sequencer with other devices
Update 1.5.1:Added per note probability (1-12)
/Added number of octaves (0-5)/Cleaned up automation params list and names
Update 1.5.2:Added automatic scaling through dropdown menu
Update 1.6.1:Added bidir octave transpose/Added parameters modulation
Update 1.7:Added MIDI CC modulation on top of parameter modulations
Update 1.8:Changed length and velocity for min/max config, simpler/Added two additional modulations and MIDI CC/Added Attack and Release time per parameter/CC
Update 2.0:AutoPlay now has a memory, a given sequence can be frozen or reloaded with a simple seed number (provided the knobs have not been modified of course), and if saved as a preset the full sequence can be reloaded identical, and of course saved within the project !
Update 2.0.1:Removed the history save of the seed within the project as they were filling the undo buffer (so they will NOT be saved with the preset either). Not sure if it’s a big concern though
Changed background colors of notes probabilities so they are still readable no matter what skin you’re using
Update 2.0.2:Reworked a tiny bit on the random engine to have it better looping/Added swing option (even 16th get slightly delayed, configurable)
Update 3.0:Completely redesigned UI/
Completely rewritten sequencer for even tighter accuracy
Added dotted and triplet values
Added on-beat midi sidechain
Added Modwheel and CC passthrough
Added velocity scaling from input notes
Update 3.3:Added per octave probability when transposing notes.
Added possibility to force any octave to play root note only (no transpose).
Added per sub module random variations (changing only one element without touching the rest).
Replaced ON/OFF sidechain button by a probability of sidechain (from no note downbeat to all notes passing through).
Added multi input notes handling (when a chord is pressed a random note will be chosen at each step)