Altar of Wisdom – D1630 v1.0.3

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D1630 Frequency Shifted Delay [M4L Device]
The D1630 M4L device is the hidden sibling of the venerable Moog 1603 from 1974 known as well as the “Bode Shifter” and a dub delay, with a twist of FM and FX added by my curious brain and because I know everyone likes FM !
Here are the features of this device:

  • dual delay (split/link), with delay lines in samples/ms/time division/pitch freq (for Karplus Strong synthesis)
  • regular or ping pong mode
  • adjustable “dub doppler effect” for delay pitch modulation
  • frequency (not pitch) shifter from 0 to 1000Hz up and down
  • possibility to invert frequency shift between left and right channel
  • configurable feedback (up to 200 %)
  • Delay processing:  Low Pass, High Pass, Smear, bitcrush and overdrive to further sculpt the delay (before feedback, allowing for dramatic feedback loops, beware, beware ;-))
  • audio rate LFO (from 0.01HZ to 1000Hz) modulating the two delays separately and the frequency shifter (high rate inducing FM effects on the frequency shifter), several  shapes (sine, saw up, saw down, square, triangle, S&H), + smooth, jitter, phase and manual retrigger
  • display of correlation level of output signal (to check possible out of phase outputs)


Product Files

 1 D1630 v1.0.3 installation file.
📂 Download 2,11 MB

System Requirements

To use the device you will need:

✔ Max 4 Live

(included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live version)

*Please Note: The Ableton Live Suite is not included.