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Envelooper [M4L] Sample Accurate SideChain/Loop

Welcome to the realm of sample accurate advanced sidechaining and more !
Envelooper is a multi usage tool, designed for the most basic sidechaining (volume “pumping”) effect but that can as well lead to much more than that ! Follow along for more !
At the beginning of it, it’s an envelope follower, triggered by the incoming audio from the track it has been placed on:

  • The envelope is drawn on the left side, points and curves can be added, removed and adjusted as seen fit.
  • Bottom points means no sound, top points mean full volume.
  • The grid can be defined as needed and be set to snap to the intersections or free.
  • You can clear the envelope, mirror it upside down, or load one of the predefined shapes with a click.
  • The overall duration of the envelope is set to the right of it, in ms or time division from 1/64 to 32 bars included dotted and triplet values.
  • The envelope can be set to loop as per the rate, or play only once.
  • You can process the full frequency spectrum, or just a part of it by specifying min and max frequencies, the rest passes unchanged.

The smooth parameter soften the brutal volume changes, allowing to remove any possible clicks and pops that can occur.
Then come the unexpected part, as you can load a wave file or a clip into Envelooper and have it play through the envelope:

  • Drop any file or clip in the drop zone, it displays the duration and number of channels of that clip.
  • Zoom in and out vertically with the V zoom.
  • Adjust its display opacity.
  • Select the start and end point, adjust it sample accurately if needed, or select a pitch that will adjust the end point to match the frequency of that pitch.
  • The speed slider allows to speed up, slow down or even reverse the wave file playback !
  • The Auto Retrigger forces the wave file to start over each time the envelope restarts (useful to sync a sequence, but probably not when you want to automate speed or start/end points as the playback will jump to beginning at each new envelope)

The input follower section allows to trigger the envelope and the wave file playback from the audio incoming from the track

  • playback is started when the audio signal reaches the threshold upward, with a delay corresponding to the attack (in ms).
  • If the audio signal goes below the threshold, the envelope continues for the time set on the release parameter.
  • Note that opposite to a standard envelope follower, Enveloop doesn’t have a sustain stage (where it stays at a given level until audio goes below threshold).

The mix sliders allow to decide how much of the input audio and of the wave file are passed on to the output gain slider. The depth knobs allow for dialing in the shaping effect (0 means envelope is ignored).
The depth knobs define how much of the pumping effect happens.
And finally the output gain slider allows you to tame the output signal (as you are possibly mixing two audio sources on the same channel).


Product Files

 1 Envelooper v1.1.1 installation file.

📂 Download 1,25 MB

System Requirements

To use the device you will need:

✔ Max 4 Live

(included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live version)

*Please Note: The Ableton Live Suite is not included.

Device Update History

Update 1.1:

  • added visualization of envelope, processed input and wave file signals
  • added phase start of envelope
  • added possibility of playing wave file without any signal on track (by setting threshold to – infinite)