Altar of Wisdom – FrankenVerb v1.0

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FrankenVerb [VST/AU] – Creative Reverb

FrankenVerb is an audio effect, that allow you to combine 2 different types of reverbs in a row, to achieve very different purposes:

  • A regular room reverb, that can be configured from tiny little metallic boxes with maximum resonance to giant halls with indistinct reflections and maximum density.
  • A shimmer/blackhole reverb that is placed after the reverb to generate pitched versions of it.

FrankenVerb has been designed, to provide a directly usable tool for “normal” use, but allowing the user to transform it into a creative tool, using the embedded resonators and pitch shifters to achieve unnatural reverberations. It’s provided as well with presets to quickly get you in the ballpark, whether you want normal reverb (who said boring ?!), shimmer, blackhole, or what I call morph reverb.
It’s as well crafted with all the parameters that are missed in many reverbs of the market:

  • A pre-delay that is useable both in time mode or beat synced
  • A stereo wideness setting, from mono to super wide
  • An internal compressor to tame possible resonances and volume changes when modulating parameters
  • An additional ducking compressor that allows to pull the reverb down when incoming audio is received (understand: less muddy mix)

Note that for now VST2 for Windows is not provided , only VST3.
For OSX you get AU/VST2/VST3.
Please make sure you check the manual for installation (especially with OSX Gatekeeper issues)


Product Files

 1 FrankenVerb v1.0 installation file.

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