Altar of Wisdom – Lord of The Knobs Pro v1.01

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Lord of The Knobs Pro (M4L)

Introducing “Lord Of The Knobs” – the ultimate M4L utility designed to revolutionize your Ableton Live experience. Say goodbye to endless parameter tweaking and hello to streamlined control with unprecedented precision.
Think of Lord Of The Knobs as your Live macro controls on steroids. Initially crafted to supercharge manipulation of AutoTools parameters, it quickly evolved into a powerhouse of versatility and efficiency.
Here’s why Lord Of The Knobs stands out:

– Intuitive Floating UI: A sleek, floating interface that stays effortlessly accessible, ensuring seamless control without interrupting your workflow.
– Fully Customizable Mapping: Map Lord Of The Knobs to any parameter controllable by Live’s LFO, from synths to channel strips, sends, panning, and VST macros.
– 12 Simultaneous Controls: With 12 dynamic controls at your fingertips, you can effortlessly tweak a multitude of parameters simultaneously, unleashing your creativity like never before.

For each parameter, you have the power to:

– Fine-Tune Precision: Set minimum and maximum values, and adjust curves from exponential to linear to logarithmic for unparalleled precision.
– Instant Manipulation: Instantly mute or maximize parameters to their configured values, providing instantaneous control over your sound.
– Envelope Remapping: Assign parameters to one of 8 available envelopes or keep them linear for straightforward adjustments.
– Personalized Naming: Give each parameter a meaningful name to keep your setup organized and efficient.

At a global level, Lord Of The Knobs offers:

– Unified Control: Seamlessly manipulate all 12 parameters simultaneously with a single knob, unlocking new possibilities with every twist.
– Configurable Timing: Control the speed of parameter changes, from instant adjustments to gradual shifts over a customizable period of time, up to 16 bars.

And that’s not all. Every element within Lord Of The Knobs can be automated, allowing you to control multiple parameters across any track or element in your project with ease. Plus, if you have a physical controller, simply assign the device knobs for effortless hands-on control.
With Lord Of The Knobs, efficiency meets creativity, empowering you to sculpt your sound with unparalleled precision and speed. Discover the difference in your productions today.

Compatible with Live Suite 10.1.41+ & Live 11. Max for Live required (included with Live Suite or available as an add-on). Please note: No refunds will be provided for mistaken purchases.


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