Altar of Wisdom – Lord of The Knobs v1.1

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Lord of The Knobs [M4L Device] Multi Parameters Control

Lord Of The Knobs is the M4L utility you’ve been searching for, it’s meant to expedite tweaking and controlling for many parameters in Live.
Consider it like the big brother of the macro controls you can set-up in Live. I’ve initially built it to easily manipulate the params of my AutoTools (AutoGrid, AutoPlay, …) but I’ve found out I could get that idea to a much higher and more versatile level.

In brief:

  • it comes with a floating UI that stays over the main window, always accessible
  • the window can be named (if you have several instances of the tool each one can have a different – meaningful – name)
  • it can be mapped to any parameter than can be controlled by typically Live’s LFO: synths, channels strip, sends, panning, vsts macros.
  • it provides 8 simultaneous controls for 8 different parameters

For each parameter you can:

  • set its min value, max value, and curve (smoothly from exponential to linear to logarithmic)
  • instantly mute it (send it to the configured min value)
  • instantly max it (send it to the configured max value)
  • solo it (send it to the configured max value while all 7 others go to their minimum value)
  • control its value directly from the UI form its min to its max value

At a global device level you can:

  • control all 8 parameters at the same time with a single knob.
  • smoothly mix between 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 (1 going slowly down while 2 goes up, then 2 going down while 3 goes up as you turn the knob,)
  • Every movement done on the plugin can be instant, or can be set to occur through a configurable period of time (in ms or in time division up to 16 bars). This way, with a single move, you can for example trigger an 8 bars riser controlling the 8 Low Pass filters of 8 pads channels or a transition between two channels.

On top of that, every single element can be automated, so with one single lane of automation you can control 8 parameters at the same time OF ANY TRACK OR ELEMENT IN YOUR PROJECT, saving a tremendous amount of time when building your track. You even can record mute/solo/max events in the automation.
If you own a physical controller, just assign the adequate device knobs to your physical ones and you have a very practical controlling tool.


Product Files

 1 Lord of The Knobs v1.1 installation file..

📂 Download 777 KB

System Requirements

To use the device you will need:

✔ Max 4 Live

(included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live version)

*Please Note: The Ableton Live Suite is not included.