Altar Of Wisdom – MultiLFO v1.6.2

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MultiLFO [M4L] – Triple Super Powered LFO

MultiLFO is a strongly boosted descendent of Live’s own LFO device, adding many missing features of it, more shapes, and embedding 3 different LFOs in just one device for a more compact  workflow.

Here is a (not so) brief list of what has been added or improved compared to LFO:

  •  NEW: 3 independent LFOS instead of one, with a selector to display one of them.
  • NEW: the LFO can modulate itself, for example LFO2 can control LFO1 speed, for weird shapes to happen.
  • BOOSTED: Sine LFO has a hard sync parameter to allow interrupting the sine in the middle of a period or on the contrary fit more sines in one period (decimal values).
  • BOOSTED: Added a pulse width to the square LFO to allow shorter or longer steps at max value.
  • NEW: Envelope follower to trigger the LFO based on input volume (with a configurable Attack and Release). Follower can occur from zero or from middle value.
  • NEW : “drunk” LFO modes (random values but without big jumps, only small movements), when using follower, drunk can be set to follow envelope from middle value or from zero (the default value when no sound is coming into the LFO)
  • NEW: Gaussian drunk mode, that tends to do regular small jumps and sparse big ones, with a configurable amplitude.
  • NEW: Specific random mode, that allows for smooth morph between a complete random (where all values can happen equally) to a gaussian random (where middle values have more chance to occur and extreme values little chance).
  • NEW: LFO rate multiplier (to achieve higher rates than the original 40 Hz. Alas, on parameter control we still are limited as the controls don’t work at audio rate, so no FM like modulation is possible).
  • NEW: Per parameter transformation curve (from logarithmic to exponential) instead of linear only.
  • BOOSTED: binary mode allows to select how often 1 values get triggered, from 0 (never) to 100 (always at 1).
  • BOOSTED: LFO displayed graph now takes into account the min, max and curve values of the first target parameter instead of the original LFO.
  • BOOSTED: LFO display lines width can be tweaked.
  • BOOSTED: The smoothing now goes from 0 to a full period of the LFO (it was between 0 and 200ms whatever the rate).
  • NEW : The LFO, when in sync mode will ALWAYS tend to get back to being synced, without jumping phase as the original LFO does (especially useful for modulating filter jumps speed but being able to fall back to in sync on filter movements). The phase slide parameter control how fast this resync happens. The SYNC button when pressed forces instant sync of the LFO to quantized value.
  • NEW: Quantizer to down sample output values down to binary.

Managed to keep MultiLFO in a constrained CPU usage in face of all the features it provides, so it takes around 3 times a normal LFO, meaning no overhead from these features.

Warning: This is a M4L device, so you need to have Ableton Live Suite or a Max license to use it. 


Product Files

 1 MultiLFO v1.6.2 installation file.

📂 Download 583 KB

System Requirements

To use the device you will need:

✔ Max 4 Live License

✔ Ableton Live Suite

*Please Note: The Ableton Live Suite or Max 4 Live license are not included.