Altar Of Wisdom – MultiOscillo v1.6

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MultiOscillo [M4L] – Sample Accurate Signal Visualizer is the new signal visualization tool from Altar of Wisdom. 

This brand new oscilloscope plugin helps you avoid limitations of other similar tools such as

  • Absence of beat sync
  • Bad accuracy or time offset
  • Only one signal displayed
  • No macOS version for some
  • In Live when a track is changed  all open plugins disappear so it’s difficult to  work AND monitor signals at the same time.

Hence this tool that is a fully integrated Live floating window, meaning that you can :

  • Put it on any track (master, or kick, etc.) to see up to three signals at the same time
  • Open the freely resizable floating window and
  • Change track keeping that floating window always visible, tweak parameters (phase, dispersion, distortion, etc.) and see the instant summed result of your changes.


Product Files

 1 MultiOscillo v1.6 installation file.

📂 Download 2.06 MB

System Requirements

To use the device you will need:

✔ Max 4 Live

(included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live version)

*Please Note: The Ableton Live Suite is not included.

Device Update History

V 1,2 : Initial public release

V 1.2.1 : Corrected tracks routing names invisible on some light themes

V 1.6 Restructured the UI, added automatic synchronization and SUM option