Altar of Wisdom & Ollie – Tritium v2.0

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Tritium is a psychedelic audio destructor M4L co-designed with Ollie and developed by Altar of Wisdom From subtle effects to complete destruction and anything in between, Tritium is meant to breathe psychedelic life into any signal you feed in it. It consists of four modules (three being active at the same time), based on Ollie’s sound design philosophy:

  • A lush, very versatile phaser/delay to color the sound slightly or more heavily depending on how hard you push it
  • A ring modulator to really propulse the sound into the psychedelic realm, adding subtle bell-like tones to more extreme metallic or robotic sounds
  • A carefully crafted comb filter, adding that sense of depth and dimension in the sound, almost like you’re hearing it in a large, reflective space like a hall or a canyon.
  • A fully configurable filter to shape your sound All modules can be placed at any given position of the three units using a simple selector.

Plus, Tritium comes with a full modulation matrix of three audio rate LFOs, allowing you to modulate ANY of the parameters from 0.01 Hz up to 22kHz to go from ultra subtle evolution to totally mangled sound. Finally, Tritium comes with a set of presets popped out of Ollie’s genius mind to get you going with your psychedelic sound experience !

In more detailed, here’s what you get:

  • A fully parametric phaser: from 2 to 16 stages, with configurable delay, Q factor and feedback
  • A ring modulator that will combine the sound with a configurable sine wave signal. Plus you get 3 different distortions out of the module: saturation (Korg LP35 style, an exclusivity of my devices), overdrive and bitcrush
  • A comb filter, with configurable polarity, delay and feedback
  • A filter, with 9 different shapes and 4 different slopes.
  • Both the RM and the Comb can be set to follow midi information to set their frequency to midi notes. For that you’ll use the midi send device, placed on any midi track, and activate one of the eight available bus. On Tritium side simply set the ring modulator or comb filter to “listen” to the same channel. It will automatically follow these notes…
  • The mod matrix provides, in a floating window, 3 LFOs with 8 different shapes, that can be configured in ms/time division/hertz or pitch, each one having up to 8 targets, both unipolar or bipolar. Plus, each output of the LFO can be quantized to any given number of values to achieve stepped effects
  • A compressor/limiter has been put between each stage of the module, to tame potential gain boosts added by them. Each module will glow red if it’s too hot so you visually can check instantly if and how much you need to engage the compressor


Product Files

 1 Tritium v2.0 installation file.

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