Altar of Wisdom – OverRide v1.0.1

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OverRide [VST] Buffer Error Generator

How does this thing work ? Basically it takes any audio as input, cuts it in pieces and replays these pieces several times, faster or slower for a nasty bug effect.
To the up left, select the incoming buffer to process, it will be renewed at the specified interval (but with a configurable duration using the LFO). It can be set in ms or in time division following track’s BPM.
To the bottom left, the incoming buffer will be cut in pieces and only a part of it will repeatedly play.
For an example, if the main buffer is 500ms and the division is 4, only the first 125ms will play (4 times at speed 1x, but 8 times at speed 2x, check below) before the next 500ms come in, etc.
As for the main buffer, the number of divisions can be modulated by a dedicated LFO.
To the right, you can decide how fast the sub buffer will play, they can go slower or faster that the input buffer (causing less or more repeats). Again, an LFO allows to modulate the play speed, and if the modulation rate is fast (up to 1000Hz here) you can pretty much get into FM !
In the middle stands the playground pad for the 3 main params:

  • left to right will select the number of divisions
  • top to bottom will configure the buffer size
  • mouse wheel will adjust speed.

All LFOs can be set to 7 shapes, be used bipolar (up and down from the value of the corresponding knob) or unipolar (only going up), and can run freely (in Hz) or in sync to track BPM (from 1/64th up to 32 bars depending on the LFO).
A sample rate knob allow to bitcrush the stutter for adding effect on it.
A dry/wet knob permits to mix in the original track to the stutters.
The smooth param will allow to filter somehow the possible clicks and pops depending on the incoming material.
Finally, to the bottom left of the pad, a mute icon allows to silent the stutters, and to the bottom right of it the freeze button will hold current buffer until released (you can still play with all params, only the incoming audio will be ignored).


Product Files

 1 OverRide v1.0.1 installation file.

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