Altar of Wisdom – Ultimeter v1.0

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Ultimeter is the perfect combination of a utility device (including mid/side features) and a metering one (with correlation and LUFS metering), with a nice floating window (full version only), that you can use on a daily basis for all kinds of purposes, especially avoiding using channel settings for automation.

Here is a features list:

  • Stereo to Mid/Side encoding-decoding (to feed plugins not able to do mid side processing, only stereo)
  • Separate Left/Right and Mid/Side gains and Mute
  • Left/Right swap
  • Phase revert for Left or Right
  • Overall width control (between full mid and full side)
  • Stereo pan
  • Balance and Correlation graphic display
  • Integrated/Gated/Short Term/Momentary LUFS display
  • RMS display
  • True Peak Meter display
  • Floating window with same features + graphical level history display with configurable duration & colors (only on Pro version)

Hope you like this tool, feel free to grab the free version, and if you’re happy with it upgrade to full one 😉


Product Files

 1 UltimeterPro v1.0 installation file.

📂 Download 2,30 MB