Dadda – Psytables Vol 3

Item Price: 15.00

[The item consists of a “repack” of a previously released product by Dadda]

In this pack you’ll find 471 wavetables at your disposal. Everything from Single Cycle Waveform FM’s, Bells, Phasers, Amplitude/Ring modulation, Vowel, and Filter sweeps to name a few.

They are recorded with 2048 samples per frame and recorded in .WAV format which means they should work as intended in all of the popular wavetable synths on the market such as Pigments, Vital, Phase Plant, Falcon, Serum, Hive 2 and stock plugins such as Ableton’s Wavetable.

Lower octaves are preferable ,C0-C1 for the tables to sound the best but in the end, it is up to you how you like to use them.


What you get inside the preset pack

 471 Wavetables.
 16 AM & RM Tables.
 08 Bandpass Sweep Tables.
 09 Bass Tables.
 45 FM SCW's Tables.
 94 FM SCW's Stereo OSC Tables.
 45 FM Sweeps Tables.
 13 FM Switcheroo Tables.
 23 Formant Tables.
 12 Glassy Tables.
 16 Glitch Tables.
 09 IMH Tables.
 44 Knorr Tables.
 58 Misc Tables.
 09 Phaser Tables.
 20 Quick Mafs Tables.
 34 FM SCW (Wet)Tables.
 16 FM Sweeps (Wet)Tables.
📂 Download 129 MB

System Requirements

To use the wavetables you will need:

✔ Any VST that accepts .WAV files