Ollie – Vital Preset Pack Vol 2

Item Price: 35.00

I’m back with a new psychedelic preset pack for the free soft synth, Vital.

It was important to me to create a pack that wouldn’t just gather 114 random presets but represent my philosophy in music production. My core values as a producer and sound designer is to save your time and provide quality through my products.

Here’s what you will get inside :

  • Full production suite containing everything you need to create a finished track from kicks, bass, drums, leads to atmospheres and everything in between in one single place.
  • Simplify the creation of Q&A sequences with special presets that generate automatically Q&A phrases: all you need is to press one single note and let Vital do its magic.
  • Unique blend of timbres “Analog meets digital” thanks to its wavetables that I created by sampling my hardware synthesizers (Moog Subsequent37, DSI Mopho, Berhinger Neutorn & Model D, Access Virus Ti2…). As of now, every time you need an great analog sample you don’t have to waste your time driving to my studio anymore 😀
  • Every preset is customizable to fit your taste and is ready for live jamming thanks to extensive macro control.




 114 Vital Presets
 17 Atmospheres
 10 FM 
 22 FXs
 10 Leads
 17 S&H Patches
 08 Sequences
 06 Basslines
 24 Drums
📂 Download .zip 98 MB


To use the presets you will need:

✅ Vital 1.5.3

*Please Note: The Vital Vst is not included.