Xenosonics – Vocal Samples Vol.1

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This is Xenosonics – Vocal Samples. Over 200 samples of words, phrases and FX designed to give your productions the unique and memorable vocal hooks they deserve.
Professional male and female voice actors impersonated a variety of characters from wise wizards to spaceship computers to provide a wide range of themes and styles which fit perfectly in psychedelic and trance music.
Over 75% of the samples in the pack are completely dry, giving you the flexibility to manipulate them to your unique taste and style.
If you, like many others, have struggled to find the perfect vocal sample for your track, then this is the pack for you.



 205 Bass Samples
 28 Vocal Fx
 18 Professor
 99 Ships Computer
 21 Triptonaut
 24 Wizard
 15 Extras
24bit 44.1 kHz PCM wave files.(140 Bpm)
📂 Download .zip 134 MB