Xenosonics – Vocal Samples Vol.2

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The wait is finally over. This is Xenosonics – Vocal Samples 2.
Dive into an extensive collection of extended phrases, diverse vocal talents, and over a gigabyte of royalty-free speech and vocal samples, perfect for sparking inspiration in your next musical endeavor.
Explore a rich tapestry of themes, vocal styles, and moods, all masterfully performed by seasoned vocal actors and captured using top-tier condenser microphones. Whether you’re seeking the ethereal echoes of a goddess or the impassioned political discourses of the oppressed, Xenosonics – Vocal Samples 2 offers a nuanced selection to complement any musical direction.
Enrich your compositions with the genuine and diverse expressions that only professional vocal performances can deliver. Xenosonics – Vocal Samples 2 isn’t just a pack; it’s a creative toolkit, inviting you to explore new sonic possibilities for your artistic journey. Let the evolution of your sound unfold organically. Welcome to a world of inspiration.



 316 Vocal Samples
 81 Goddess
 03 Desert Tales (Long)
 04 Political Aggression (Long)
 10 Machina (Vocoder)
 17 Synthetic Aria
 80 Divinity (Atmos & Gates)
 09 Titan (Drones)
 24 Female Whispers (FX)
 08 Granular Grids (FX)
 80 Extras
24bit 44.1 kHz PCM wave files.(140 Bpm)
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